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CheekyFlirt is a fast growing UK dating network that already has a strong presence in other areas of the world. It’s primary aim is to help you find your perfect partner by flirting until you find a good match. This makes it a very fun site to use with over 7 million members to contact. 

CheekyFlirt offers you the chance to quickly find singles that are right for you through their unique ‘Speed Flirt’ application. With this gadget you can quickly skim through profiles that match your requirements and simply click yes or no to each one and move on to the next one. This allows you to see lots of different profiles in a short space of time.

One cool little feature of CheekyFlirt is that once you set in your profile what you are looking for, every time you log-in you will see a selection of photos of people who match your search. In addition you will see people who are looking for someone like you and ones who are looking for the same as you. 

This saves you time as you do not need to run a search every time you log-in. Of course you can also search for people based on their geographical location and you can also send kisses to potential matches as an ice breaker and to find out if they like you too. Another way you can find mutual matches is by adding people to your friends list. If they add you as well then you could be in luck. 

Key Benefits of CheekyFlirt:

  • Over 7 million members in the UK Access to a mobile friendly site for dating on the move
  • Easy profile matches upon log-in, saving you time
  • Unique Speed Flirt function to view more profiles quickly
  • Detailed history so you can see exactly who you have contacted 

Summary: Overall CheekyFlirt is fast becoming one of the UK’s best online dating sites. However, it still needs a few improvements before it can challenge the likes of Dating Direct and In particular they need to start allowing free users to view more profiles and the management area could be simplified a little. 

However it does have a few very useful features such as the Speed Flirt application, instant messenger support and the ability to send kisses. Easy Flirt is the next best choice if you have already tried my number one recommendation.

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