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In this post we will review the online dating site known as up4casual As part of our review we signed up for an account on up4casual and had a look around, the pricing structure, the TOS and user profiles.

So here is our full up4casual review

At first glace the site seems to be very orientated towards casual relationships and appears to have a large number of female members with highly provocative profiles who are looking for a casual relationship, hence the name of the site up4casual.

This should firstly be a red flag for many people looking for a reliable online dating site. Most dating sites have a far higher ratio of men to women, up4casual seems to have the opposite.  But as this is more of a hookup site than a traditional dating site you might expect to get a different ration of men to women.

So after we made an account (male in the 30-35 age range) and confirmed our email address, it was inundated with emails from the site, around 15 emails a DAY!

Most of these emails were supposedly from very attractive female members who wanted to contact our male account, despite it having no profile picture or bio filled out, this should be an immediate red flag, anyone who has used any kind of online dating website or App will be aware that females making first contact is very rare.

And in order for you to reply to a message received from a female member you will need to pay for a subscription package, these range from £40 per month to £15 per month for a 1 year subscription, billed in one go at £180!

Many people will be asking themselves is up4casual a scam or is up4casual legit?

The short answer is we cannot say 100% certainty either way, sorry!

Basically a ‘scam’ usually promises that you will receive something in return for some form of payment or investment, and getting scammed means you don't receive what is promised.  With this dating website you are paying for a membership to the site which you DO receive, so in that respect it can't really be called a scam.  However the quality of the service (the membership to the site) that you receive does appear to be very poor quality.

Many of these type of dating sites will hide somewhere in their Terms of Service (TOS) that they create fake profiles in order to make the site seem more popular and have more female members than they actually do.

This is not a practise carried out by small dating sites that you have never heard of, the huge extramarital site Ashley Madison which was hacked back in around 2015 and user data released revealed that a large number of female accounts were fake or created by ‘bots’, you can read more about it on the Wikipedia page here or an eTeknix article

While we cannot find any explicit statement on the site or in the TOS that fake profiles are created by members of staff working for the hookup site up4casual we suspect that this may be the case.

In conclusion we cannot say with absolute certainty in this up4casual review if it is a legitimate dating site, but it does have a few red flags.

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If you have used this site and wish to tell us about your experiences please leave a comment below.

Up4Casual Reviews

    Terrible is a compliment

    One star is generous, it deserves zero but to rate you have to give at least one star. Customer service is a joke. To cancel your subscription and remove your profile is next to impossible. Two months and zero ppl worth corresponding with and they offer no refunds– only tell me to change my regions pref and open up my distance choice to over 120 miles away and most profiles are inactive ppl. How is that a matching service? Such a rip-off and clearly they do not listen to their customers. The commercials are the epitome of false advertising. Pathetic in every way. Run away from this one, fast!

    their arnt any its a $hit site!


    Good in theory

    It has some problems it needs to fix.


    It is a pretty crappy app. It is not synced well with the website. I ended my subscription and then all of a sudden day in and day out I get emails and winks from people. Whereas before it was definitely not this frequent. Appears rather fishy to me.

    Pretty disappointed

    I like up4casual in some regards (very few actually) but the app and website are urging me to switch to another provider. Although I am already locked in for 6 months so I’m pretty much stuck.

    Lots of matches per day

    You get locked in for a 6 month contrat

    Bad site

    This site is terrible.. A waste of money and time. The choices were very far away in distance and I was matched with people I would never ever date. I’m going to cancel before membership is up.



    Would rather use website on phone browser

    It crashes quite a bit. There is a delay between email notifications and when app has new messages/ matches available.


    I have nothing nice to say so wont say anything at all. If I could give it no star i would!

    Don’t waste your money

    This is not a dating website that is worth your time or money.. You get a limited number of matches” (5-8) sent to you daily… And only a limited number of “what ifs” (maybe 10 max) to look through daily… The matches I got were not even close to my type and half the time they send you repeat matches!!!! Don’t bother wasting your time or money on this dating website.”

    To many old profiles

    This is a big waste of money! Most of the people that I have been matched up with don’t belong to the site anymore and are completely irrelevant! It was the biggest waste of time and money.


    This should be a site for singles to get to know each other. Not so some money grubbing person can get rich.

    Two thumbs down

    Seems other users keep having the app crash. I wish I had that problem because then it would mean my app actually would load to begin with. I feel guilty giving a 1-star rating but had to provide something. Between app and poor matches, eH definitely is no longer for me.


    Everytime I answer a section of the questionnaire it says Continue” and I click it. It then goes back to the beginning of the last section I just filled out instead of moving forward. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and this problem always happens!

    Cant find any



    The site is frustrating!!!! Like many others, it doesn’t allow you to automatically delete certain matches without viewing their profile. It’s holds you hostage…it also doesn’t allow you to access all your information for changes. I’m a little disappointed being that I use my phone alot.

    Good chat features.

    Hard to use on a cellphone.

    My review

    2 years wasted
    Not enough matches because I believe it is so expensive and not enough advertising.also requires lots of time to fill out. Been on for two years and only 2 good dates.

    Some good people onthe site to match with.

    Waste of money

    This is not o.k

    It’s crap
    I hate this app. It never works! I’m uninstalling!


    Not a lot for the $…

    It’s convenient but hard to find current account info & billing. I expected more w/all the advertising the website does.

    Scam site!

    yeah, agree, total rubbish! they just try yo get your money and fake ppl on their

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