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BeNaughty Review

Here is my full review of BeNaughty, a dating site that throws away the traditional rules of online dating and replaces them with a fun new angle where the whole process is not taken too seriously.

I quickly discovered it is aimed more at people who just want casual relationships, so if you are looking for a long-term serious relationship you would be better off with something like Date My Way

However if you do want the fun without getting tied down then offers a great way for you to meet people with similar desires.

One thing you have to be prepared for is the explicitness of some members photos. Topless and very risque photos are at the front of many members profiles. This is a sign about the kind of site that BeNaughty is intended to be. 

The name suggests it all really as it is a dating site for those who are just looking for fun without the commitment. Of course you do not have to put such photos of yourself online but if you are easily offended then BeNaughty is not for you.

However, I found if you go in to it with an open mind and fully understand what it is all about then you will not find a better dating site that caters for casual flings. 

After browsing through lot of profiles on the site I quickly realised the site is designed for flings and not for serious relationships.

You should be prepared that many people on the site are already in relationships, often even married. Their partners do not always know that they are on there so be prepared for people wanting to cheat on their partners and keep things low-key.

The members area of BeNaughty is pretty standard for dating sites which makes it nice and easy to use. You have an interactive search function, the ability to see members online now, new members, and even those who are chatting now.

This can make it easier to find people you want to flirt with and perhaps setup a meeting. There is also an active community area on the site with member blogs and a forum for you to interact with users on a new level. 


Registration for basic membership is 100% free of charge. However, this package is limited to viewing profiles, sending flirts, and customizing the profile.  The sites works on a freemium model, you can use the basic functions of the site for free, but you have to upgrade your membership to take advantage of all the benefits of the site. 


  • Basic browsing
  • Messaging and online chat
  • Send flirts
  • Making content of your profile private
  • Block and privatize users
  • Chat, messaging and interactive search features

Free to join and lots of features available to free members.

Huge member base with thousands of members from all age groups, from teens to MILFs, and even some GILFs!

The site has an active blog with expert’s advice on how to go about the whole dating experience especially for beginners. They also advise its users on how to spot scammers and keep safe online.


The first impression is pretty dull and nothing really looks unique.

When you log in, nearly everything from features, categories to design look similar to what you’ll see on other dating and hookup sites. 

Just like any dating site today, BeNaughty often attracts spammers who create fake profiles. This does happen on BeNaughty even though the admins are pretty good at removing them quickly. 

High chances of successful dates

This site has as many, if not more users than most hookup sites which guarantees you a high opportunity to meet someone to be naughty with!  The site is never empty of members, at any time there’re many horny women online. Unlike other dating sites, a majority of its members are active 24/7.

Mobile friendly

The site doesn't currently have a mobile App, but the site is mobile friendly allowing you to search for hookups while on the go, no matter where you are. 

Safe and confidential

Privacy is a top priority at with your emails being kept private. If you come across any unwanted email notifications, you can filter it out immediately. Your photo galleries are held with privacy, and members will only see the ones that you’ll set as public.

After spending a few days on the site I can confidently say BeNaughty is more of a hookup site than a dating site which offers an alternative way for people who are just looking for casual fun to find like-minded people. 

Overall, if you are looking for something fun and are not ready for a serious relationship, then BeNaughty is probably one of the best casual dating sites you will find.

If you’re just looking for a hookup site then Benaughty is one of the best sites around to try your luck. The good thing about this site is that it is fully functional, fast and easy to use and a majority of its members are active around the clock.

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BeNaughty Reviews

    I like it

    Been using it for a few months now and Im really impressed by how easy it is for me to find hookups. Its a great website for people who want a no commitment relationship. Easy to navigate and not to many annoying pop-ups or ads.

    Good for hookups

    Some ppl will unmatch you if you just ask toy hookup

    Found love twice and $ex loads of times

    Over the years I've had 2 amazing LTR with BeNaughty and more hookups than I can count!

    This site has found me my perfect match twice. Sadly, though the first match, after we planned to marry and have kids. She got pregnant then lost them and never wanted to try again. A few years later, I rejoined and found a 2nd Awesome perfect match. BeNaughty had found my soul mate this time round. Sadly after 9 months with this awesome girl was taken away by some other guy, so it looks like I'll be back on the site a 3rd time.

    One of the best dating sites I have used.

    I think this is a fantastic site. It has enabled me to find my perfect partner, so clearly I think it was worth upgrading to be able to take advantage of the 'premium' functions. The detailed profile questions take a bit of time but, in my experience, this ensured (a) that the vast majority of matches are people seriously looking for a long-term partner and (b) the quality of the matches was very high (in terms of compatability). My approach was to send out lots of smiles, and try to strike up a conversation with anyone who smiled back. I found that about 1 in 20 of my smiles got a response, and of these perhaps 1 in 5 entered into a meaningful conversation For me that meant 3 meaningful conversations in the first month or so, and the 3rd of these has become what I believe to be the "Love of my Life". So, I do believe that this site is well designed and well organised, and offers as good a chance as any online site for finding that special person. I am delighted with how it all turned out!

    So many! See my review above.

    A bit expensive when you upgrade, but you can still meet people without paying.

    Straightforward secure and easy to use!

    Secure and easy to use! Love it!

    Lots of good features

    Lots of features, aways refreshed and updated.

    Greate site for fun

    it works, a really nice way to meet people that you might have never done normally.

    No one is looking for anything serious on there.

    Some premium features you have to pay for.

    Good, but not what I'm looking for.

    Not great for Christians or anyone looking for that long term commitment, probably better for people looking for 'short term relationships'. However the profile matching is excellent, just not the type of women I'm looking for sorry. I gave it four stars because it does work well, just not what I'm looking for in a dating site.

    Good site with lots of matches.

    No one is really looking for long term commitment on this site. Would not recommend to Christians.

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