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Parship Review – Helping you find your perfect personality match.

Parship UK is a comprehensive compatibility matching online dating network. When you first join you will be asked to complete a short personality survey which will form the basis for matching you with the perfect partner.

Parship is one of Europe’s largest dating websites and the UK branch is very fast growing. It uses the basis of matching you based on your personality rather than searching through thousands of profiles. This works quite well making it good for you if you want to find love fast.

When you first join Parship you will be asked to complete a short personality test. This test takes about 20 minutes to complete but it is essential to your success. The matching process and the research on which Parship is based comes from the work of a qualified doctor – Professor Hugo Schmale. This means you can be sure you are in the hands of a professionals who know how to find you love.

To give you an idea of how large Parship is in the UK, after signing up and completing the personality test I was presented with a staggering 1,258 potential matches. Each of these have been matched by the results of my personality test and their location. Each match is shown as a percentage, the higher the percentage the closer the match.

This means that not only is Parship incredibly large but it also gives you a great chance to find your soul-mate who shares the same interests and thoughts on life as you.

Key Benefits of Parship:

Over 4 million members across Europe
Personality matching to help you find a soul-mate
No time-consuming searching, Parship finds matches for you
Status updates so you can show people how you feel and get noticed
Summary screen showing who last visited your profile
Full access starts at £12.00 a month and every 6 month subscription comes with a full guarantee. Basically it is guaranteed that you will make contact with at least 10 other members of Parship, otherwise you get another 6 months for free. Although this isn’t as comprehensive as the guarantees that come with Dating Direct and it is still an added bonus.


Parship is a very impressive UK dating site. Simply complete a short personality test and Parship will do the hard work for you, finding you compatible and available dates at the click of a mouse. Based on the work of a real professor the credibility of their matching process cannot be questioned.

If you do not enjoy the common dating site technique of searching through hundreds of profiles then Parship is the best alternative available. Parship UK  is the next best choice if you have already tried my number one recommendation and you have not had any luck with my number two dating site.

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