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Girls Date For Free

Girls Date For Free is trying to set a new trend in online dating by offering all females the chance to use the site subscription free.

They obviously feel that men are more likely to pay if there are a lot of girls on the site. This is great for the women but personally I do not think they have any more female members then other sites.

Girls Date For Free has a very basic and amateur design, this can make navigation a little tricky.

However, it does have some good features such as showing you new members in your area when you login, this gives you a chance to get speaking to them before anyone else does.

However, managing your dating activity can be a little confusing, your favourites just go in a big long list that doesn’t appear to be sorted in any particular manner. This can make it difficult to find someone who you tried to save so you could contact them later down the line.

In addition it is a little unfair to men when girls get full access for free. As previously mentioned they are doing this to try and attract more ladies, believing that then the men will follow and pay for it. I guess for women this is a very good feature but for the men it can also mean you get some women on their that are not that serious about meeting anyone.

Key Benefits of Girls Date For Free:

  • Search via Geographical location
  • Full access is free for girls
  • Add your videos to showcase your true personality
  • Full access for men costs £9.99 a month

This is not too expensive but it is not great value for money either when you consider my top rated UK dating site (see Xswipes) costs the same, is much better presented, is easier to use, and basically – you get more for your money.


Girls Date For Free is one of the weakest UK dating sites I have tried and reviewed, it is poorly designed and not very user friendly. In addition it’s potential for helping you find love is quite poor.

However, if you are female and do not want to pay for a dating site then Girls Date For Free, as the name suggests, allows you to do that. In this situation it is worth a try but if you can afford a paid subscription to find love faster then there are better sites available to you.

If you are male and looking for a free dating site where the female users arn't looking for a serious relationship we suggest you try BeNaughty as this is a great alternative.





Girls Date For Free Reviews

    Good site

    Good that it's free for girls (or women really).


    Some of the guys on there are creeps (but just like all dating sites I guess)

    Really dumb app. Website is Okay.

    GirlsDateforFree app is super slow. It just wont load anything in reasonable amount of time. And I think most reviewers are complaining the same thing here. Not sure why they wont fix it for so many months.

    Site is good, especially for girls

    App needs ALOT of work

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