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Simple, Easy to Follow UK Dating Site

As the name suggests, DateTheUK is a online dating website directed purely at people in the UK. Another great dating site which has been around for years for UK residents is Friends Reunited.

Owned by the same company that operates BeNaughty, DateTheUK also uses the same members area functionality and layout.

The only difference is that the members on the site are looking for more serious relationships than those on BeNaughty. Despite the fact that DateTheUK uses the same members area and same pricing as BeNaughty, I have given it half a star less as the overall rating.

This is due to the fact that there just isn’t the uniqueness and fun that you get with BeNaughty. In fact it is a pretty standard dating site that lacks some of the cutting edge other options offer.

A couple of plus points for the platform though is that they do offer a 6 month guarantee whereby if you do not find love after 6 months you get another 120 days of full access for free.

As well as this the cost is also pretty low starting at just £6.99 a month. This makes it ideal if you have a tight budget and are prepared to sacrifice some of the fancy frills other sites offer.

Key Benefits of DateTheUK:

  • Over 5 million members (all UK based)Simple ‘no frills’ members area
  • Chat, messaging and interactive search features
  • 6 month love guarantee
  • Low cost pricing plans available
  • The downfall of DateTheUK is definitely the lack of advanced tools at your disposal in the members area, however this can also be considered as plus point.

The fact that the fancy added tools are not around means that the members area is very simple to use and easy find your way around.

Sure there are still your usual dating site additions such as chat, messaging and search but the questionnaires and matchmaking tools you see on other sites are not there to use.

However, this simplicity means that the cost is lower than on many sites too with the Gold pricing plan starting at just £6.99 a month based on a years subscription.


DateTheUK should be considered as a budget option for those who find the added features on more expensive sites to be more of a gimmick than a serious love finding tool.

It is a smooth site that is well presented and as such makes it ideal for you if this is your first adventure in to the world of online dating. The added bonus of a 6 month love guarantee make it worth a serious consideration for joining.

Although a sister site to the more risque BeNaughty, the profiles on DateTheUK are far more high brow and suited well to you if you are looking for a serious relationship rather than a quick fling.


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