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Cougarsprey is maybe one of the most recent dating sites to meet Cougars, but it has also proved itself to be one of the best.  As the name suggests, it is for cougars seeking younger guys, so if you like the idea of hooking up with a MILF, this site should be one of the first that you try!

It has a reputation for providing excellent features to help you find your perfect match from over 3 million registered singles from users all over the globe, with members from the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Canada, South Africa, and plans to expand into more countries.

This means you can be sure that you will receive a good service and have every chance of finding a hot cougar when you join for free. If a large number of members is important to you then you will be pleased to learn that Cougarsprey over 3 million members worldwide. 

Although primarily US based, Cougarsprey does have a very significant number of UK members. This means that with the geographical search function you can easily filter the many members down to the people you are most likely to want to date or just hookup with.

What makes this site unique is how sleek and user friend the site it, you can instantly tell that you are working with the professionals.

The site has a large number of tools and options you can use to make your quest for finding an older woman that little bit easier. As well as lots of ways to catch people's attention on the site you can also see who has last viewed your profile so you know how popular you are.

The messaging system is simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily keep track of several different conversations and know whose turn it is to reply next. 

Key Benefits of Cougarsprey: 

  • This site is 100% FREE to join!
  • Thousands of older women on the site looking for young guy
  • Recommend Match function to find people who match your interests
  • Daily insights notifies you of new people who match your criteria
  • Excellent geographical search and easy-to-use management area
  • Receive Unlimited number of Messages

Like many dating sites, Cougarsprey has a basic free membership level, but you can upgrade to access more features on the site.


The site is very easy to use and offers great opportunities to meet a cougar, with millions of members from around the world there is a good chance you will meet a cougar looking to prey on a younger guy!

Another great point with this website is its simplicity. Signing up take you just a few minutes. 

The site has loads of great features that help you find an older woman easier and quicker. 

While still a relatively new hookup site for guys who like Cougars, it has proved its self as a good place to find women in their 20s, and mature women looking for casual dates and relationships.


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