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How To Attract Older Women

How To Attract Older Women

How To Attract Older Women
February 6, 2024

Advice for Younger Guys Wanting to Attract Older Women

Attracting older women, also known as MILFs or cougars, has no set formula or methodology in which younger men should follow as no two women are ever alike. There are, however, a few tips and tricks that will definitely not harm your chances, and some that you might wish to explore.  

Since the sexual revolution of the 1960s millions of people have felt free to express their desires and admit the type and age range of the people they are attracted to. 

Young guys have discovered that they are sexually attracted to older women, but few have mastered actually attracting the older woman of their dreams.  


Confidence: Confidence is attractive to everyone, regardless of age. Show genuine interest in her and engage in conversations with ease. Confidence is a key factor in attracting any woman, but it's even more important when it comes to older women. They appreciate a man who is self-assured and knows what he wants. 

Flirtation and Compliments: When done in a sincere and believable manner, flirtation and compliments will get you everywhere. 

Respect: Older women have lived and learned, show respect and listen to their experiences and opinions. 

Attention: If you focus all the attention on yourself then you are just setting yourself up to fail because women are often expected to place other people's needs before their own; make this one change and half the battle is already won. Make them feel as if they are the center of the world. Pamper them. Spoil them. Treat them like a queen! 

Intelligence: Show that you are intelligent and well-informed on a variety of topics. Ask her questions and engage in thought-provoking conversations. 

Manners: Good manners never go out of style. Use polite language, be on time and hold doors open for her. 

Empathy: Show empathy and understanding towards her feelings and experiences.  Showing empathey towards others won't hurt either! 

Listen: Listening to women is closely related to respect.  Most women have spent their lives being spoken to by men, as they get older, they have more confidence and expect to be listened to. If you can't get this right your MILF dating adventures will be short lived. 

Independence: Older women often appreciate a partner who is independent and has a sense of self. Be secure in your own life and interests. 

Sense of humor: A good sense of humor can make a person more attractive. Lighten the mood with humor and make her feel comfortable. 

Active lifestyle: Older women often value a healthy and active lifestyle. Show your interests in fitness, healthy eating, and adventure. 

Surprise Her: This applies to any relationship really but is more important when dating an older woman; you will have to make an extra effort to keep thing fresh, exciting, and unexpected. Honestly, at any age, who wants a boring relationship? 

Ask questions: Take an interest in what they have to say, and let them know that you are truly interested in getting to know them. By doing this, you will be able to connect with them on a deeper level and make a lasting impression. 


Physical attraction is important, but it's not everything. Older women appreciate a man who is confident, respectful, and intelligent. So, make sure that you are taking care of your physical appearance, but also work on developing your inner qualities. 

Show your genuine interests, be confident, and make her feel special. And, most importantly, have fun. Relationships should be enjoyable, and if you can make each other happy, then that's all that matters. 

Attracting older women isn’t rocket science, but it does require a bit of effort and a genuine interest in getting to know someone. By being confident, respectful, and attentive, you can make a lasting impression and build a strong connection with an older woman. 

Remember, older women have lived a life and have had experiences, so they are looking for someone who can bring something new and exciting to their life. Show your unique qualities, be confident, and make her feel appreciated. With these tips and tricks, you will be able to attract older women with ease and make a lasting connection. Good luck! 

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