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Quick Flirt is actually a fairly new UK dating site, not that you would guess it though as the design and layout is pretty dated and looks a little tacky. Unfortunately Quick Flirt gets the lowest rating possible with just 1 star.

This is simply because for the money it costs there are better, more professional looking dating sites around. That is not to say you cannot find love through Quick Flirt though, it is possible I just believe you have a better chance with one of the other sites I have reviewed.

Let’s just take a second to look at some of the positives of Quick Flirt (shouldn’t take too long!). It has a nice function where you can withhold your photo so that people have to request to see it and you can choose whether you will allow them to see it.

Quick Flirt also gives you the ability to upload videos and view other peoples videos. This can be great for really getting across your personality, however, it is nothing new as many other online dating sites have this function.

Key Benefits of Quick Flirt:

  • Ability to withhold your photo from people
  • Function to upload and view members videos
  • Quick Flirt would have probably got another star from me if it wasn’t so expensive.


The site looks like it has been produced on a low budget and you would expect to see that reflected in the subscription prices. Unfortunately it is not, the cheapest option still costs £13.33 a month and you have to subscribe for 3 months to get that deal.


Unfortunately Quick Flirt is one of the worst UK dating sites I have tried. It looks bad, it is difficult to navigate and it isn’t cheap neither. It does have a couple of good functions but nothing that really justifies the subscription price.

If you want a good dating site then you are better off looking elsewhere such as GO-MILF or, however, if poorly designed sites are you thing then perhaps you will like Quick Flirt!

Go and fill out a short affinity test and you will start seeing matches quickly, but the quality of these matches is never good. However, it is worth a try if you want to try a slightly different way of meeting people online.


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