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Sex Dating Sites – Why Women Don’t Respond to Men

Sex Dating Sites – Why Women Don’t Respond to Men

How To Craft a Better Profile and Get More Matches and Hookups

Sex Dating Sites – Why Women Don’t Respond to Men
February 4, 2021

Sex dating websites are a competitive arena for guys

Typically there are nine men to every woman on most mainstream dating sites according to recent research, and when it comes to hookup sites even more men than women than sign up, meaning that guys have to work that little bit harder to stand out from the crown. Unfortunately guys it’s not quite as simple as signing up and having girls flock at your feet.  Of course one strategy that will improve your chance of getting a reply and getting laid is to use a hookup site with a high female to male ratio.

Here are some tips as to why women don’t respond to men and how to increase your chances of being successful and getting laid.

Thinking Women are Easy

The biggest mistake men make is thinking that the women on sex dating sites are easy. Guys tend to think that these sites are full of local slags that will sleep with just about anybody – far from it. The women on casual sex sites know exactly that they’re looking for and are very choosy. Let’s face it they can afford to be as they have the pick of the guys. If you’re going to treat these women with disrespect then you’re going to have limited success. Simply DM'ing them saying ‘fancy a fuck?’ is not going to work.

Weird Photos
Many guys post weird or inappropriate photos. Believe it or not face pics work much better than dic pics. Most women are not interested in seeing your private parts at this stage and would much rather see what you really look like. Pics of you in weird situations or what you might think are weird and wacky clothes are more likely than not to be a turn off.  Keep it simple if you want a response.  

In one study, one in three online dating profile photos were found not to be accurate representations due to the use of filters, touching up, or the use of professional photographers which led to disappointments and time wasted, the moral of the story is just to use recent picture which accurately represent what you look like, you will benefit in the long term.

Just remember to KISS when it comes to online dating and hookup sites - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Lack of Confidence
Women love confidence, in fact it has be proven with science!  Yes we love to back up our claims with hard science, in a very recent study (June, 2020) men who received confidence training before talking to women were perceived as more attractive and suitable for 'short-term' relationships, we all know what that means in lay terms (no pun intended)!

Leave your insecurities behind and do everything you can to come across as confident and engaging.  Confidence is even more important on fuck buddy websites as women love a man to be confident in bed.  If you come across as shy and unconfident then unfortunately these women aren’t going to respond to your email. 

Spend some time crafting the perfect profile and make sure in your communication you’re forthright without being arrogant.  Remember, there is a fine line between the two guys!

You’re Boring
You may think you’ve crafted the perfect email that tells your prospective date all about your interests, what you’re looking for, your life history etc… Don’t write a lengthy boring essay! 

Remember that women on these sites will probably see tens or hundreds a day, so you need something which will catch their attention in a few lines or paragraphs.  If they are just looking for a hookup they don't need to learn about your hopes and dreams!   

All that’s needed is a polite introduction that doesn’t suggest you jump into be straight away.

Keep it informal and don’t offer your phone number/Insta/Snap too early.   

This screams desperation and will mean the unmatch/block button will be used in full force.



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