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The One Night Stand Survival Guide

The One Night Stand Survival Guide

How To Thrive & Survive Another Night

The One Night Stand Survival Guide
February 5, 2021

One night stands – we’ve all had them, maybe not so much recently, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

There’s a certain appeal and excitement to one night stands that keeps you coming back for more. They’re perfect for those who simply don’t want any commitment but also enjoy great sex. Get it wrong though and you could end up with all sorts of problems. Follow our one night stand survival guide to ensure you have a successful one night stand experience.

Go to their place
– One night stands are by their very nature unexpected. To avoid the embarrassment of having to take them back to your flat which resembles a bomb site its always best to go back to their place. It also gives you an escape hatch if things don’t quite go to plan. If the chemistry’s not there or they turn out to be a psycho at least you can run!

Safe sex only
– Let’s face it, one night stands are usually with strangers. You’ve only just met and don’t know much about each other’s backgrounds, especially sexual backgrounds. It’s common sense to be safe and wear protection. What was meant to be a fun filled night can easily turn into a nightmare if you pick up something unexpected.

Be adventurous
– One night stands allow you to experiment and try new things! One night stand sex is very different to sex when in a loving relationship. The key is to share with each other what you’re into and what you really like. You won’t know each other’s sexual habits so communication is essential. If the other person doesn’t want to try something then that’s fine, just move one to things you’re both happy with.

Hang around for a while
– Depending on the situation it’s courteous to hang around for a short while after sex. It’s all too easy to get dressed and leg it straight after but hanging around for a chat after doesn’t commit you to anything! After all you clearly don’t want a relationship but a regular fuck buddy might be a good thing?

Be a nice person
– Sex can change attitudes towards people. If you see you one night stand in the street then there’s no reason to cross the street to avoid them! It’s fine to go over and say hi. You may meet them again is a social circle. If so don’t make the situation awkward by being ‘funny’ around them. You’re both adults so behave like adults!

One night stands are great fun and a great opportunity to explore your sexual desires. These simple tips will allow you to enjoy successful one night stands and stay safe. Check out our great one night stand sites to hook up with local people in your area.

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