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Beach Dogging – One of Dogging’s Most Underappreciated Locations

Beach Dogging – One of Dogging’s Most Underappreciated Locations

Beach Dogging – One of Dogging’s Most Underappreciated Locations
January 6, 2023

Beach Dogging – You Can Get More than Just a Tan at the Beach

When you think of dogging sites what comes to mind?  Most experienced doggers and amateurs alike would probably reel off a list of rural sites, wooded areas and fields in the Surry countryside, picturesque locations in Kent with oast houses silhouetting along the horizon. 

Less aesthetic locations might include car parks and industrial estates in Essex and various boroughs of London.

But how often do you hear beach locations mentioned?  Rarely right? Very rarely in fact.

This is quite strange considering the UK is an island surrounded by hundred of miles of coastland and thousands of sites perfectly suited to beach dogging.  Being such a small island most of these locations are easily accessible by car or even public transport for those folks with a strong environmental conscience.

There are a number of benefits of a beach location compared to a rural one, no mud for one; we all know how wet and soggy the UK can get and having sex outside on the ground can ruin your clothes and shoes.  By sticking to the stones and the sand you’ll save yourself having to do another load of washing when you get home.

Easier to locate: we have all been there, driving around for hours in the dark trying to find a much touted outdoor sex site, constantly finding yourself down dead ends, having to reverse back down narrow country lanes, finding a site and worrying that you might be in the wrong place and missing out on all the action.  With a beach location many of these problems are no longer problems, once you’re on the beach you can easily use your senses to spot the action a mile or two in each direction.

Less chance of being disturbed.  When you’re in a car park there is always the risk that not everyone is there for the same reason you are, and this can either lead to missed opportunities or misunderstandings. When you’re at a beach dogging site there is much less chance of this happening as very few people go to the beach after dark, you can confidently approach a couple or group having sex and without the worry of causing any offence.  Many nudist beaches double as dogging sites at night so there is very little chance of coming across anyone who’s not there for the same reasons you are, equally you have a much higher chance of meeting people who are looking for a light night sexual encounter.  It’s a win-win situation!

While this list is not intended to be exhaustive, here are some of the most popular beach locations.


With the high tempreatures expected this month the swinging community is expecting to see more interest in outdoor dogging meet ups.  If you are thinking about joining a local dogging meet up this weekend, why not make it a beach location?  Stay safe out there and have fun!

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