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How to Have the Perfect Skype Sex Date

How to Have the Perfect Skype Sex Date

How to Have the Perfect Skype Sex Date
May 27, 2021

Virtually everyone's lives have been affected in one way or another by Covid-19. The situation has resulted in much more use of the internet, for example to do online shopping and more. Dating is no exception. And for many people, sex over Skype has become their only option.

If you are actively dating, or at least were dating before this outbreak started, you may be used to putting a significant amount of time and effort into meeting a potential romantic or sexual partner. And just because you can't meet someone in person right now, it doesn't mean you should stop dating.

Even if you are only in a casual sex relationship it can be a challenge because you want to avoid unnecessary contact in the first place, because this prevents the risk of infection and you must adhere to the social distance measures. But how can you still enjoy a sexual relationship and make it exciting from a distance? 

Due to the risk of infection and taking the social distance measures into account, it can be quite a challenge to meet your partner for physical contact.  Since physical contact has prohibited for many people they have had to adapt and, for many have tried Skype sex online for the first time. 

Like many people remote working and learning, you can utilize video chat services like Skype to continue to enjoy a sexual relationship with a special someone, or maybe even a few!

Now that dating sites and apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble have become so common, and even the preferred way to meet other single people, a virtual video date and subsequently sex chat on Skype is just the natural progression.  

Because of lockdowns and people being stuck at home, individuals now have much more time than ever to update their profile and look for new partners online. The next natural step after an online connection is a physical meeting or date, but with the current situation that is not always possible.  In these cases Skype capabilities come in handy for meeting the person for a virtual first date. 

If there is a connection between you and the other person, you could take your date to another level and start Skype sex dating by using video chat options for a more personal connection.

In addition to sending flirty messages back and forth, you can take a date to the next level even more exciting by turning on the webcam.  If you get the feeling from your partner then it might be time to initiate a Skype sex, or general video call sex date, depending on your own preferences. 

You have the option to just watch the other person and enjoy their physical form, or you can ask them to give you a little strip show while you watch or you can both turn on your webcams to make it even more fun. Whatever you do, it is important that both of you have equal fun and enjoy the moment. 

If you are an exhibitionist you will love to know that someone else is watching your webcam, while as a voyeur you will have a lot of pleasure just watching. There are a lot of possibilities to take your date to a next level even if it has to be virtually.

Finding a virtual sex partner is a lot easier than you might think, but lots of people still don't know how to have Skype sex.  You might already have someone you have met offline or through online dating Apps or sites.  But there are many sites specially designed for people looking for virtual sex partners so finding a contact is no longer as difficult as you might think.

To ensure you have the best possible video sex date and your Skype sex calls are pleasurable, there are a few things you can get set in place first by following these simple Skype sex tips. Finding good Skype sex advice can sometimes be difficult, which is why we have created this guide to make sure your first sex on Skype session is both enjoyable and successful.


You can just use your regular PC or laptop screen, but it will be a far more immersive and enjoyable experience if you can see your partner on a large wall mounted TV screen.  By connecting your computer to a large flat screen TV you will get a much better view of the action and ‘feel’ their presence in the room even more.

skype sex partner



You should also think about your immediate surroundings. Clear the clutter in your room and, for example, make your bed neat and tidy. In other words, make sure that everything your partner can see is not distracting from the webcam sex that you are going to have. 

Furthermore, make sure you have a good internet connection, because nothing is more frustrating if you are disturbed by interrupted images or sound halfway through your cam session. Before you start a Skype sex date with your partner make use of background music and dim lighting to create the perfect setting. 

If you do use dim lighting, ensure that the important body parts are in the spotlight, because when you are stripping or masturbating you want to make sure they can see all the action. It is also best to use a high-quality HD camera which has a built in motion tracking, if you can afford it.  Getting the right lighting can be tricky and might take some time to find the right balance, you don’t want the room to be too bright, or too dark, you just need to focus soft light on your face and body. 

You can do this by making your computer screen a bit brighter than usual and turning off the main light in your room. If you need more light, just place a light behind your camera. You can also add to the atmosphere by lighting a few candles and placing them around the room.

In an ideal situation, both of you are in a private place, so you can turn up the volume and hear every detail, but if you have housemates or need to be conscious of the volume level then using discrete earbuds is probably the best option.

How Should you Dress for Skypesex?

Since your date will be virtual and you will only be able to experience a few of the senses you would normally with a partner, you should make sure these are as enjoyable as possible

Many people underestimate what is involved in having a successful Skype sex session. If you think that having Skype sex is as easy as just putting on your webcam and getting naked with each other, then you will quickly find out that there is a lot more involved to make it successful and enjoyable for both parties.  

There are many ways in which you can make it even more fun and exciting. First of all, it is not advisable to sit in front of your webcam with casual, everyday clothes on, make sure that you look just as nice and attractive as if you would for a date in real life.  For women, tight, revealing, and low-cut clothing or just sexy lingerie will work well.  For men make sure that not only you look attractive, but that you wear clothing that you might on a real-life date or that you have been complimented on before.

You can surprise your partner with sexy outfit or ask them in advance if there is something special that really turns them on.

How to Actually have Skype Sex

The first way to start a Skype sex session is to send suggestive messages via your favorite messaging service.  Because this can be done completely anonymously and without obligation, an erotic chat date is the easiest to find online, easier than a real sex date for example. And not only that, it is also a lot of fun to do. 

For many persons, it is one of the best ways to relax after a long day at work or of course to get in the mood for a real sex chat. Some people like to stick to an exciting erotic chat via Skype. But the horny chat can also be a stepping stone to more intensive online or offline contact. For example, how about the option to turn on the webcam? Webcam sex is also very easy to arrange via Skype. In addition, you can also easily get to know each other via Skype if you are both looking for a real sex chat.

Once you have started a Skype sex session with your partner, then you must remember than you cannot do everything you would in real life such as kissing and touching.  You might have to extra vocal.  Remember to frequently compliment your partner and let them know how much you’re enjoying watching them.  

Do you usually pant or moan during sex? Do that during the video sex call, how strange that may seem when you are sitting or lying alone in front of the webcam. It is wise not to stop until both of you have reached orgasm. If you come earlier than the other, it is nice to make sure that he or she also has the chance to have a nice orgasm. 

If all went well, you would do that even if you were really in each other's arms. As crazy as it may seem at first to have Skype sex, if you have done it more often it becomes more and more normal and therefore also better. So just start and let it all come over you.

Once you have both finished and enjoyed yourself the worse thing you can do is just slam the laptop closed (unless of course it was only intended as a quickie).  Take time to talk to each other and tell your partner how much you enjoyed watching them and how much you enjoyed being watched.  If you both want to stay connected for a while and chat, or go again - that's great!

How to Find Skype Sex Partners

All of the above advice is excellent if you have a partner to enjoy some video lovin' with, but if you don't, then you should take a look at SkyPrivate, a 1-2-1 intimate Skype sex chat service, it is a Skype sex site designed for people who are looking for Skype sex.

There are thousands of horny men and women online 24/7 and you will easily be able to find Skype sex partners to meet your virtual needs.  Even if you don't have any Skype sex contacts you will be able to start an online Skype sex session within minutes of joining as it is one of the world's largest Skype sex sites.

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