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The Types of Casual Sex You Can Expect When You Use Online Dating

The Types of Casual Sex You Can Expect When You Use Online Dating

The Types of Casual Sex You Can Expect When You Use Online Dating
February 5, 2021

1. The Booty Call – Usually after a night out without pulling you might consider a booty call. A booty call is when you ring or text a friend for casual sex usually on a regular basis. Both of you are technically using each other for sex (in the nicest possible way!) and have a mutual understanding. It can be a bit demoralising to get a call after midnight from a friend who’s had no luck so is calling you instead but it works for many people!

2. Recreational Sex – This is sex in the moment, and usually you’re in a good place. You’re having sex just for the pleasure of it without worrying too much about the consequences. That doesn’t mean there won’t be complications if your partner thinks there’s more to it than there is. Usually though it’s uncomplicated and just for fun.

3. Scheduled Sex – Usually between two single people who like to plan in advance. It happens often with mature people who have commitments with children etc…. and need to carefully plan their sexual encounters. It’s not romantic but then again it’s not meant to be. The downside is usually arrange to meet up when you’re horny but by the time it comes around the mood may have been killed!

4. The Ex – Dangerous one this! You know you’re ex will still have sex with you so it’s easy to go back. This can lead to serious complications if your ex is not over you and you can be accused of all sorts of unpleasant things if people find out about it. On the plus side if you can’t be arsed to go out and pull then it can fulfil your needs.

5. Random Sex – Completely unexpected sex. You were just out with your mates for a few drinks and before you knew it you ended up in a stranger’s bed. Or perhaps with someone you’ve had a one night stand with before but didn’t think you’d ever see again. Random sex is usually pretty good fun and uncomplicated.

6. Comfort Sex – If you’re feeling pretty crap about yourself then you may indulge in Comfort sex. Often meeting up with an ex or a friend for casual sex to make you feel better. Often though it makes you feel worse and doesn’t solve your problems.

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